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April 21 2017


Do You Know Numerous Types of Strong and Sturdy Shepherd Dogs?

There are different types of dogs bred by shepherds around the world. These dogs were originally bred to help the shepherds take care of their cattle and sheep. The different kinds of shepherd dogs generally belong to the herding dog group.
Shepherd dogs are known to be easy to train and eager to please. These dogs have an incredible energy level, and always try to do their best in anything they are asked to do. Most of these dogs are trained to become search and rescue dogs, detection dogs, guide dogs, service dogs, police dogs, therapy dogs, etc. Let us have a look at different types of shepherd dog breeds from around the world.Different Types of Shepherds
From the list below, you will find out that there are many types of dogs, that have been bred for different purposes. You can read some information about each shepherd dog breed below:✦ The Tervuren
The Tervuren belongs to the family of Belgian Shepherd dog breed. It is recognized as the Belgian Tervuren by the American Kennel Club. This dog is medium-sized, and has a thick double coat. The coat color is generally sable or gray with black overlay. The Tervuren dogs are highly energetic dogs, who need to be given a job to do at all times. They do well as herding, tracking, protecting, as well as search and rescue dogs. These dogs are extremely loyal, and form strong bonds with the family. However, they are not suitable for a first time dog owner, as they need high maintenance levels.✦ The Groenendael
The Groenendael is another member of the Belgian Shepherd dogs. In the United States, it is recognized as Belgian Sheepdog. This dog is easily distinguished by his black coat and medium size. These dogs have a double coat that is hard and dense. They are active, affectionate, and very intelligent dogs. They need an owner, who is able to dominate and control them. Also, they need someone, who can devote plenty of time, love, and affection towards them. The Groenendael loves to be around children, if introduced to them when young. These dogs need to live with the family, and if left alone, they suffer from separation and anxiety. These dogs are very sensitive, and you need to be gentle while training them.✦ The Laekenois
Another variety of the Belgian Shepherd Dog is the Laekenois. These dogs are not fully recognized in the United States. This dog too is a medium-sized dog, and is very hard-working. It has a woolly white and brown coat. It was originally bred as a sheep herding dog at the Royal Castle of Laeken. It is one of the most rated and oldest Belgian Shepherd dogs.✦ The Malinois
The Malinois breed of dog is also one of the popular varieties of the Belgian Shepherd dog. It is recognized as Belgian Malinois in the United States. This is also a medium-sized dog, that has a short mahogany coat with an overlay of black. It has a build that is similar to the German Shepherd. It is generally bred as a working dog for detection, police work, search and rescue, as well as personal protection. These are very active, friendly, and protective dogs. They have a high prey drive, and are very playful. They love challenges, and are very easy to train.✦ The Belgian Shepherd Dog
Now, coming to the breed of dog known as Belgian Shepherd or Chien de Berger Belge, this is a medium to large-sized dog, that belongs to the herding group. It originated in Belgium, and resembles the German Shepherd. These dogs are very intelligent, and sensitive to the things around them. They are known to be loyal dogs. They are perfect family dogs. These dogs are also made to work as police dogs, military dogs, as well as search and rescue operation dogs.✦ German Shepherd Dog
The German Shepherd dog, also known as the Alsatian dog, is one of the most popular pets around the world. This dog is known for his intelligence, and qualities like obedience and playfulness. These dogs are said to be the third most intelligent dog breeds. They are always willing to learn, and are very protective of their family. These dogs bond very well with children, whom they are familiar with. These dogs are mostly employed by the police as narcotics and explosive detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, etc.✦ Dutch Shepherd Dog
The old herding dog breed of Dutch origin is the Dutch Shepherd dog. They are medium-sized dogs, that are intelligent and lively. They have short hair coat, that is either golden or silver in color. These dogs have an alert, tractable, obedient, and affectionate temperament.
There are many other different shepherd dog breeds, that share the same qualities of loyalty, faithfulness, intelligence, as well as hardworking nature.
Bergamasco Shepherd Dog
Kangal Shepherd Dog
White German Shepherd Dog
Carpathian Shepherd Dog
Shiloh Shepherd Dog
Bohemian Shepherd Dog
Bucovina Shepherd Dog
Caucasian Shepherd Dog
English Shepherd Dog
Central Asian Shepherd Dog
Karst Shepherd Dog
Miniature Australian Shepherd Dog
King Shepherd Dog
Australian Shepherd Dog
Old German Shepherd Dog (the long-hair variation of the German Shepherd dog)
Old Time Farm Shepherd Dog (collie-type dogs, a rare breed of working dog)
Pyrenean Shepherd Dog
Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Basque Shepherd Dog
Most of these dogs were bred to take care of cattle and sheep. Some of these dogs have also been trained to help the police and military with their operations. Hope you have learned some useful facts about different shepherd dog breeds from the above paragraphs. therapy dog patches

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